Andreas Mikeos and George Kapetanios first established the company in 1997 with the vision of producing and providing high quality materials and professional services to its customers; consequently to be the market leader in Cyprus.

Mikeos & Kapetanios Ltd supplies, fabricates and installs technological quartz, natural marbles and granites as well as the familiar acrylic stone Hi-Macs. As a company, we specialise in the manufacturing of kitchen countertops, staircases as well as we specialize in wall covering with quartz, marble, granite and Hi-Macs. Moreover, we provide a wide range of colors, able to satisfy any decorative need of our customers.

Our mission starts with the need of providing premium quality of technological quartz and natural marble and granites as well as of professional consultancy services to our customers. Aiming to provide this first-class quality we have been expanded and grown as an organization as well as we achieved the highest rates of customer satisfaction. We have been also, diversified and modernized in order to satisfy any need of our customers. In this way, without a doubt we can say that, we have accomplished a number of objectives and the most important we have achieved to be one of the leaders of supply and fabrication of technological quartz, natural marbles and granites and, of the acrylic stone Hi-Macs.

We cooperate with well-known surface companies that specialise in the manufacture and distribution of quartz and marble. Such partnerships are with COMPAC which is the leading company in Spain and is now a large-scale international company. We have an additional partnership with Alpha Marmi which is the biggest supplier in Southern Italy.

Lastly, on March 2009, we signed a contract of partnership with LG Hausys. We are the exclusive dealer, fabricator and installer of the Hi-Macs acrylic stone. We play an active part in the rapid growth of the brand that was established in 2003. This partnership inspired us to try something new and to push back the boundaries of creativity.

Concluding all the above, we are one of the leading surface companies in Cyprus marketing high quality decorative surfaces.

As of March 2012, our company holds the Quality Management Certificate BS EN ISO 9001: 2008.







Innovation & Improvements

In our company we believe in craftsmanship, our constant hunger for perfection as well as the need to deliver to our customers the best possible outcome requires from us to be as innovative as ever, not only in our in-house production but also in our order-to-delivery process.


Eco-friendly commitment

Our supplied products are 100% eco-friendly. They are made from environment friendly-materials which ensure that the health of the environment. These human-friendly materials are also improve the energy efficiency at the same time.

Machineries & Industrial improvements

The improvement and replacement of machineries and industrial equipment will enable our company to provide high-quality products on time.


Marketing competitiveness & Loyalty

We aim on keeping and providing the quality to our customers that will keep them impressed and satisfied with the provided products and services of Mikeos & Kapetanios Ltd.


We have the commitment to integrate our employees into the Mikeos & Kapetanios Ltd family.



Customer experience and satisfaction.